European Eels Strew Their Eggs Across 2,000 Km of Ocean

Distribution of World’s First Malaria Vaccine Begins

A Revised CAR T for Lymphoma Has Fewer Side Effects

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Spider’s Orange Colors Both Lure Prey and Frighten Predators

Three Researchers Ousted from MD Anderson

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Mice Gene-Edited While Still in the Womb

Universities Crack Down on Love in the Lab

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Tiny Knee Bone, Once Lost in Humans, Is Making a Comeback

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Genetic Risk Score Developed for Obesity

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Getting More Consistent Results by Knowing the Quality of Your Protein

Q&A: What to Know About the Drug-Resistant Fungus, Candida auris

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Circulation and Cell Function Revived in Dead Pigs’ Brains

Gene Therapy Effective for Severe Combined Immunodeficiency

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Archaeologists Ask Society for Harassment Policy Change

Two Patients Treated with CRISPRed Cells in Immunotherapy Trial

Why Chimpanzees Have Big Testes, and Mandrills Have Small Ones

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Ebola Outbreak Not a Global Health Emergency, Declares WHO

Neurobiologist Paul Greengard Dies

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An Archaeology Meeting Finds Itself in the Middle of #MeTooSTEM

Nature and Science Retractions Connected to Research Misconduct

Pesticide Marketed as Safe for Bees Harms Them in Study

PET Scans Reveal Elevated Tau in NFL Players’ Brains

Shimadzu's New Nexera UHPLC Series with AI and IoT Enhancements Sets Industry Standard for Intelligence, Efficiency and Design

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Astronaut Study Shows Some Lasting Changes from Time in Space

How the Brain Changes on Ketamine: A Live Animal Study

IDT lowers genomic barriers with powerful rhAmpSeq™ targeted sequencing system

Opinion: Transparency Is Critical to Defend Animal Research

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Monkeys Genetically Edited to Mimic Human Brain Development

Termination of USDA’s Toxoplasmosis Lab Concerns Parasitologists

New Species of Human, Homo luzonensis, Identified in the Philippines

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Brazil’s Researchers Criticize Budget Freeze

Bio-Rad Introduces Isotype-Specific Secondary Antibodies

Bio-Rad Introduces Isotype-Specific Secondary Antibodies 

US Measles Cases Continue to Climb Toward Record High